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Why Choose Us

Appointment for Auto Towing and Car Recovery

we provide our valued customers quick and affordable car recovery and towing services in Dubai. We have been running the business since 2005 and we are properly insured. We are available 24 hours and 7 days a week to serve you at any time in the hours of your trouble.

Our arrival is less than 30 minutes.

We find your location quickly because our drivers know all the areas.

Especially from Dubai, we give you affordable services.


Emergency Roadside Assistance

Car Recovery Service

We are giving quick and affordable Car Recovery Services in Dubai. Whenever you need no matter what the time is, we will provide you with Mechanical and Electrical Car services. When you book Car Recovery Services in Dubai through application our team gets your location without wasting time through Google GPS location. We are available to you 24 hours and 7 days a week to serve you at any time of emergency.

Breakdown Assitance

At the time of emergency we are providing you highly professional and quality services in your trouble. Vehicle towing, breakdown recuperation, out of petrol, dead battery solution, change the battery, battery kick-off, auto repair, off-road desert services, car registration, vehicle insurance, tire substitution, and accident Car Recovery Services in Dubai. We provide quality work for your vehicles because our first priority is customer satisfaction. .

Accident Recovery

unexpected Accidents you can face anywhere, anytime anyplace, We see such incidents in the roads when you are on a motorway so make sure you can save your drive first. make sure everything works fine like your brakes work is fine because they will protect your life in a bad condition. you don’t need to be worried about this because you should know very well your vehicle is being taken care of. We will definitely manage your vehicle to be collected as soon as possible from the place of the accident. you just need to call us and tell us your current location and our team of Accident Recovery Services will be there as soon as possible to provide you our services. We provide an unexpected Accident rescue Service in Dubai that is urgent, useful, and peaceful. In case of any emergency accident, we will handle your car insurance issue. We also provide nationwide services, 24-hours a day.

OFF-ROAD Desert services

We are also providing the most helpful special service in a desert or sandy pit. when your car is stuck in a desert or sandy pit our professional team provides you better OFF-ROAD Desert services. when you are in a desert or sandy pit, if you have to face any kind of issue or problem with your car like, ” tire puncture, save your keys, your car, on the light and your battery will be dead.” we can help you and get you out. minimum value Roadside Assistance Services ensured! Our Car rescue team in Dubai and they also have a nice and better reach for car recovery and roadside assistance even in the close-road or desert regions in Dubai. Our Car Recovery Services in Dubai make comfort for you in the hours of trouble. We are more than happy to assist you as soon as you run over a distressing situation like an unexpected crisis breakdown or car’s obscuring.

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